Parent volunteers

The parent volunteer team is extremely important in school activities. The parent volunteer team truly demonstrates the value and importance of home-school cooperation.

Other than increasing the understanding of the school, parents also enhance parent-child communication and help children to participate in school by simply joining the parent volunteer team. Therefore, the school strongly encourages parents to participate in the parent volunteer team and participate in child development at various levels. Children can grow up healthily in a happy learning life.

  1. Help parents know more about the school and their support for the school.
  2. Help parents express their concern for their children, and strengthen the parent-child relationship.
  3. Enhance the partnership between parents and the school, enrich human resources for the school, and optimize the learning environment.
Parent volunteer team and its scope of services

Parent Volunteer Team

Service Content

Campus Volunteer Team

-Assist students to enter the campus and provide support in different places at the campus

Library Volunteer Team

-Help children borrow books
-Serve as a story-teller before /during class

Support Team

-Assist teachers and children in school activities such as making teaching aids, costumes, food, video recordings, video production and poster cover design, etc.

Garden Volunteer Team

-Assist with gardening work on the campus (such as fertilizing, turning soil, sowing, watering, harvesting, and introducing plants to young children, etc.).